Meditations after Seder on Maundy Thursday

Busy all day Thursday
Preparing Paschal
Lamb for slaughter
And one Lamb eats
beyond the garden
is prepared
in haste Death Angel’s smiting
of Him Who only
is Israel.
That city called spiritually Egypt
That night smote the firstborn
of YHWH Sabaoth.
Justice is complete.
Israel despoiled by Egypt:
They cast lots.
The baptism of deliverance
not in water but in blood
the Deliverer is not from this delivered.

When I see the blood, I will pass over you.
When you shall see the Blood, do not pass by.

The above poem was one I wrote in the early 1970s, maybe 1973.  Some of my friends at that time, newly minted Jesus-freaks like myself but having come from a Jewish heritage, invited my brother and me to celebrate the seder with them at their home, for two or three years running.  An interesting anecdote:  my friend was challenged by an older Christian gentleman who was shocked that they were still celebrating the feast of the Passover, who asked him didn’t he know that now he was a Christian, he wasn’t obligated to those observances, and shut him down with the following question:  “When you became a Christian, did that mean you stopped being an American?”


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