22 octobre 1984

22 octobre 1984

In one of many pauses in the treadmill, let us look at our presumptions of the moment – working hypotheses on which we base our approach to la vie quotidienne:

In no particular order:
God loves me and has a Wonderful Plan for my life.
Life is Absurd.
Everything is Meaningful.
Everything is Meaningless.
Persons are valuable:  created in God’s image.
La plupart des gens sont des moutons.
Mortality is the great tragedy & enemy of the divine plan.
Death is not the worst of tragedies.
It is the small things that lend meaning to Life.
It is the great truths that lend meaning to the small things.
Truth is accessible;  whosoever will may come.
Most people know the truth; but have learned to believe it is a lie.
What we call “Truth” is really most often a memory of truth; truth is not a thing or a piece of information we can possess; it is a reality we can see, and act in, and be transformed by with amazing results:  it is not separate from power.  Jesus did this, and so was able to say, I am the truth.  But he knew Pilate could not see  it, so could not respond to his question,  What is truth?


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A human being, striving to become more so.

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  1. Harold E. Quillin

    October 22 is a date fiting of your poetry. I have no language but english, and poor english at that so I fear I miss much.

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