The mind’s creation

The mind’s creation

  • fantasy of beauty and of comfort

haunts the midnight wanderings

invades the daytime musings

grows and swells and swallows

its creator —

Such is the consequence

  • for those who worship idols;
    images conceived and nurtured
    in the soul’s magic workroom.

True worship waits

  • its patient steps unhurried
    until it finds the real
    inspirer of dreams.

The idol-crafter says:

  • I love the one I know not, but I cannot bear
    Not knowing that I love; I craft with care,
    therefore, an image of the thing I wish to know,
    And call it mine. And watch it grow.

And if the unknown – real – should come to me –

  • I will not see.

About therevr

A human being, striving to become more so.

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