Man’s worst agonies

A bit of doggerel, really…. very old

Man’s worst agonies

And why in this world of passing shame
where numbers more than names
tell stories, though a million silent ears
may listen, no one hears
for nothing’s said when everything is equal.

A thousand grasping hands
Reach for bleached sweet nothing
Stick in harmless goo
that eats away their fingers like a poison

What noise! What clamor! Everywhere
Young voices rising strong with prophecies,
The wisdom born of years
Providing many comfortable fears
New fantasies with artificial tears
Replace the thousand sorrows of the faceless
headless, soulless crowd that we all see
But none of them (oh horrors!) could be me.

So is your brother
Just like you, another
Unknown, silent scream
Within the muffled cry of agony
This painful planet earth
Ha doomed itself to be.

A joy beyond all hope resides
Beyond the last despair, a new surprise.
A truth more subtle than a thousand lies
Lurks, forgotten quite, but yet may rise
To quench the fires of man’s worst agonies.

An hour of light and silent liberty
Between the iron darknesses
Which in black flames of fears, despair and cursings
Are forged into the chains which bind all men.

To such a world of darkness, flame and cursings,
Came the Son, pure light unquenchable
Who brought into the clamor of despair
A holy stillness, by his dying cry
And promise, hope and blessing entered in
To penetrate the very fetters formed
Bu sufferings He shared with all those bound
And causing light and silent liberty
To enter even iron darknesses
And not be chained thereby.


About therevr

A human being, striving to become more so.

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