rambling prayer

Foolishness and negligence remain the weary option of the sinner in his wallow.
O god you are my god early do I seek you
In the night you give me needed rest
And in the day the insight for my strength
You guide my feet into the right places
And save me from the destruction that my self-indulgence would abandon me to.
How o God can I praise you
And how can I honor you
I who am not better than the least of these in whom you place your likeness
Jesus in whose name I daily pray, the subject of my discourses,
How I need to find you where you are or where I am so that I do not trivialize your name.

You shall not trivialize the name of the Lord your God

Lord evermore give us this bread

Music… music is good. Music is needed. So is sleep. And love and family and normal daily routine. Every man under his vine and under his fig tree, and none shall make him afraid.

Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end.

Can I write about integrity? The search for integrity is a daily, hourly, practice that means responding in wholeness to all the stimuli if life. It means listening honestly to those who are placed in one’s care. It means telling the truth. It means keeping quiet, until there is a need to speak. Integrity is not possible without a single focus. But no single focus, simply defined, will bring about integrity. Only one single focus is large enough, all-encompassing enough, to bring us to wholeness. It is that focus that gives us permission to be whoever we are, with no strings attached and no apologies needed; and allows us to have confidence that what we can become is not limited by what we have been. Kierkegaard says that purity of heart is to will one thing. The person of integrity acknowledges, to begin with, the impossibility of this; recognizing the conflicts and complexities inherent in this earthly existence; but wills above all else that some sense can be made of that complexity. I ramble. Does the man of integrity ramble? Does he care whether he rambles or not? No, I am writing already too much everyone else’s words. Perhaps someday if I do that well I will get some words of my own to say, as it is written, if you are not faithful with what is another’s, who will give you what is your own?

One must not let things slide, but then again one must recognize that if indeed there is a God who cares about all this, it is not then one’s own responsibility. But it is only having fully embraced responsibility that we can give that responsibility up to God. For how can we give something to God, that we have not acknowledged as our own?

Good night, Dick.


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A human being, striving to become more so.

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