Love is many things to many people

Love is many things to many people;
to some, it is a yearning for an unknown joy
an ideal girl or an ideal boy
to others, the comfort of familiar faces
doing pleasant things in predictable places.
To others yet again, love leaps beyond the known
embracing all from pit to holy throne;
another sees in love the voice of need fulfilled
as keys love locks, as milk loves being spilled.

Love is desire, love is greed, love is pleasure, love is need.
All these are love, but love loves none of these
for love is born where death is, and disease.
Love wills the new, the unthought and unsaid.
It heals the sick and raises up the dead.
It brings impossibilities in view,
revives the old, and sanctifies the new.
Love waits forever on the slimmest chance;
it celebrates each promise with a dance.

The world itself will wither and will die,
but love will live, and so will you and I.

This one probably dates from the 1990s or earlier. I’m not really happy with the final line, and the entire thing is spotty, but I like some of the thoughts expressed here. — rcb, 8/11/06


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