My mother’s Christmas poem

Mom wrote this at the age of 93 years and seven months, and sent copies (written out by hand) to all of her children and grandchildren.


Christmas is the day we celebrate Love
Which God sent from above
When Jesus Christ, our Saviour, Came to earth to live,
His love, peace and Joy to give
To all who accept His gifts day by day
Traveling this earth’s remarkable way
With those in His love and care
Finding nothing more important to share
Than these gifts frome heaven.

We become increasingly rich indeed
When we share with those in need
Who have not had the privilege
Of knowing the security
Which comes from heaven above,
And Christmas comes that we may share
Our Savior’s love, as out we reach
So that others we may teach
How to unite with sisters and brothers
Accepting God’s gifts to share with others,
As we love, teach and pray each day
So others will join in the way
Of Bible reading and prayer, which richly pay.

Thelma C. Buehler

The above was written on November 24, 2005 as a blessing which came to me unexpectedly from heaven above, which I want to share. — (signed) Thelma C. Buehler


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