Today is Holy Saturday in the Eastern and Western churches
a day of silence
of waiting
of mourning
and of selfless service
therefore, a day for women
who do, so it seems, a lot of the above.

The sacred time between the crucifixion and the resurrection
when all paradoxes are at their peak
all contradictions brought into the open
the God of Life participating in Death
Holiness punished for sin
The eternal Word, silent

but on Sunday morning, not with fanfare and blazing glory
but in the silence of an empty tomb
a witness to a life unstoppable is born.


About therevr

A human being, striving to become more so.

Posted on April 7, 2007, in Essays, Poetry, Spiritual, Theological. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Hi Bob,

    I’m hosting the Ringing of the Bards poetry carnival, April 15th. If you’d like to be included, leave a permalink to a poem here:

    Carnival post

    Either of your most recent two would be fine. And don’t forget to come back and see the carnival!

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