Pray like this….

Dear Source of all our being, whom we know but have not seen,
Living in the vastness of the Universe beyond our reach,
Every attempt to name or describe you
falls short of who you are;
Yet we seek to name you all the same,
to bring your amazing way of ordering the Universe near to us.
In fact, we want what you want to become
the order of the day on our poor planet,
just as it is among the stars and beyond,
in the vastness that belongs to you.
For this, we know we need what you have shown you can provide:
food necessary for our life,
the things that sustain us in the here and now,
here and now, over and over again.
Too often we take more than we need, even from one another,
and do harm where you want to do good; we know we do this.
Release us, please, from the power and consequence
of these harmful actions of ours,
just as we release those who harm us
from the power and consequence of their harmful actions.
And while you are releasing us,
protect us from ourselves;
don’t lead us into places
where we are more likely to do harm or be harmed.
We know you can do all this,
because everything belongs to you:
every ability, in every place, is yours,
and everything you have made should recognize and celebrate you,
you whose name is beyond all names, forever.

About therevr

A human being, striving to become more so.

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