Why o God

(From the archive— circa 1980)

Why o God

Since I found You

Why o God

aren’t the colors as bright

for John as for Sandy

why are skies more grey

For April than for Andy?

And why can I

who was blind

see glimpses of Your glory

But cannot show

More than a shifting glimmer

nor tell

but halting words

of your great story

to those I know

Who seeing much

can catalogue the shifting hues

the darker shades of grey

and yet though all around them

glows the light of life

as bright as day

they do not see

I cannot see

why they cannot see


Through a glass darkly

smeared with mud and sand

the fingerprints of countless sins of man

the lens, scratched deeply

almost cracked.

the view impaired by clouds and rain

almost no light

vision obscured by the pain…

Through a glass darkly

perhaps i saw Him

looking more closely

I know He reached for me.

His image, planted on my mind,

Remains: and Listening past all the noise, I find

His voice:

still, not often clear.

Darkly though I see him, still He’s near.

Behind all things, …. I need not fear.


About therevr

A human being, striving to become more so.

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