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An Answered Prayer

“More like Christ, my Savior,
Let me be,” one morn I said.
Then along a rugged pathway
My steps the Savior led.
“Oh, that I might have money
And a help to others be!”
Praying thus, I soon was feeling
The pinch of poverty.
“Oh, might my tongue be ready
With floods of meling speech!”
But only in a lisping
Could I the message teach.
Then musing on my fortune,
I said, “Why is it so?
Why, could I not in these ways
For him unhindered go?”
Then long I knelt and lingered
In silent musing there.
When, like a voice I heard it,
“‘Tis the answer to your prayer.”
“It was in ways most humble
His path on earth was trod;
And you must choose that pathway
If you would please your God.”
And like the lowly Master
Who walked in Galilee,
Choose not, but just accept it,
The path he planned for thee.”
‘Tis not in might, nor power,
The Christian’s service lies;
He has said that through the humble
He will confound the wise.”
I thank him for this lesson
That he to me hath shown,
For now in humble service
Can I walk with him alone.
Content to do his bidding
Is now my aim, my goal,
And trust that through his blessing
I’ll save some precious soul.
——Elpha I. Clark [published in the Gospel Trumpet, January 14, 1926 page 3]
Elpha I. Clark was this blogger’s grandmother.